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Rules For Live Roulette TV

Live roulette is a fun and exciting game that is played in various casinos globally. Here in the UK you can even play on television. For playing you do not require any special skills. You just need good fortune which can let you win substantial amounts of money. There are different methods of betting on TV roulette that can increase your individual chances of winning. However, there are certain basic rules for playing live roulette TV games that you should be aware of if you are interested in playing it.

The Real Roulette Wheel

First of all, Live Roulette TV shows like supercasino and smartlivecasino use a real roulette wheel, on this wheel of fortune in which you will find the numbers ranging from zero to thirty six. You will see that there are three colors on the roulette wheel, these are red, black and green. You have the option of betting in terms of colors and numbers. In real casinos, the live wheels of roulette generally spin in a clockwise direction. The dealer is the only person to touch the wheel.

When To Bet

Another essential rule for playing live roulette is to know the time when you will not remain in a position to bet. There are different available options regarding the number of ways in which you can possibly make a bet and you have 2 or 3 minutes to make your choices. You cannot bet once the countdown timer runs out the dealer announces the phrase, “No more bets”, after this the presenter of the roulette show takes the white ball and tosses it into the wheel that is continuously spinning. Once the roulette ball stops spinning completely, the dealer will announce the number, it is also shown on screen, betting is then opened up again until the next spin.

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Types of Bet

Bet NamePayout Odds
Red Or Black1 to 1
High or Low1 to 1
Odd or Even1 to 1
Dozen2 to 1
Column2 to 1
Split Bet17 to 1
Street11 to 1
Corner8 to 1
Line6 to 1

Other Rules

By law to actually make a bet and gamble on any roulette TV games the player must be classed as adults, this is anyone who is 18 years of age or above. Some countries have different rules when it comes to gambling, if you play at supercasino you can only create an account if you live in the UK.

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