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Types of Roulette Wheels

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Roulette is one of the most popular casino games in the world and is equally loved in both Europe and USA. The game, though mostly same in both Europe and USA, has some differences in the way it is played in the casinos. One of the major differences in European and American roulette is the type of wheel that is used.

The roulette wheel is like a wheel that rotates on a base. The ball is introduced to the rotating wheel and bets are placed on which number the ball will land.

There are other combinations of roulette bets and the odds change depending on the type of bet placed. Now, when you see a European and an American roulette wheel side by side you will see that the European wheel is much larger in size than its American counterpart. European croupiers use rakes to clear the chips and distributing them while the American croupiers can do it by hand only.

However, the major difference between the European and American roulette wheels is the number of divisions in them. The European wheel has 37 divisions where the numbering starts from 0 and goes on till 36. The American wheel has 38 divisions where apart from numbers 0 to 36, there is an additional division for 00.

How does this affect the game or does it at all affect the game? It certainly does. While the European casinos have odds of 2.7%, the extra division gives the American casinos odds of 5.4%, thus increasing the advantage that the house enjoys.

As a player, it does make a difference to your winning chances when you play at a particular type of table. You must know that roulette is a game of luck and those that believe that there is some trend in the ball landing in a specific division are completely in the dark. Each roulette spin is independent of each other. Instead of trying to predict where the ball will land, you as a player would do well to focus on knowing the odds and placing your bets accordingly.

As a new player it is always better for you to place outside bets. As you come to know the game more inside bets become better options for you because of their higher odds. There is enough information on roulette available online and you must garner as much information as you can before you get mesmerized by that turning wheel of roulette.

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