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The Martingale Roulette System Explained

Roulette is a very easy and simple game to play. Though it is a game of luck, the players need to know the rules in order to places the different bets properly. There are different kinds of strategies which the players use while playing. One of the most common strategies used while playing roulette TV is the Martingale system. This system was originally invented to defeat the different casino games but now it is mostly used as a roulette strategy.

Though it is preferred by many roulette players, this is a high risk strategy and it is advisable that beginners do not use this system. In spite of this many of the new players try their hands at this system; as a matter of fact the Martingale system is often the first strategy which many players learn.

One of the major reasons behind the popularity of the Martingale system is its simplicity. In theory, the system works flawlessly for those bets which offer a 50-50 chance of winning. It is a guaranteed system which assures the player that he will win in the end no matter how much loss he faces.

According to the Martingale system, the players places a bet and if he wins its fine. But if he loses, the next beet that will be placed should be double the initial betting amount; this will continue until he wins. According to this strategy, this way he can not only recover his losses but also make a profit. For instance, if you place $5 and you lose, in the next bet you will place $10 and if you keep losing, the betting amount will go on increasing – $20, $40, $80 and so on. Thus the Martingale system assures the players the chance to recover your losses as well as make a profit equal to the original betting amount.

However, what you should remember is that the casinos will never let a winning system like this work flawlessly. One of the restrictions introduced by the casinos is the maximum betting amount according to which the players cannot place bets above a certain limit. So, even if the player can afford it, he cannot place a bet according to his wishes. Moreover, with this system the players tend to risk thousands of dollars to recover a loss of few dollars. So, though the Martingale system might sometimes work for a short time period, it is definitely not suitable as a long term strategy.

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