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How To Play Roulette TV

If you have never experienced playing live roulette TV before then don’t panic, learning how to play roulette TV games is exceptionally easy. It is the latest way to play and most positively the best. You can play the live roulette game by two different methods, either phoning in your bet or by placing it online using the website. This guide will explain how to play at most roulette tv sites online.

Before you play it is necessary to register and create an account at one of the sites, once you have a confirmed account you will need to log in to the website and get ready to Play Now.

After logging in choose which style of game you want to play by clicking on the buttons. Shown opposite is supercasinos site where you can play either real money live roulette or pretend money tv roulette. If you are choosing the real cash games ensure you have some cash in your account first to play with. After choosing which style you are going to play and selecting it a new browser window will open up displaying the live roulette wheel, virtual betting table and various value betting chips.

Before actually making a bet you will first need to decide how much you want to bet and then click on the chip of corresponding value to select it. Chips range in values from the minimum bet of £1 (one pound) to chips of £100 (one hundred pounds), the maximum you can bet at one time is £500. If you are still new and unsure how to play it is probably better for you to use the free practice chips provided.

If you are still learning how to play and you don’t fully understand the all of the different live roulette tv odds and bets you read more about it on this site. After selecting how much you want to bet you will then need to place your bet, this is done by clicking on the virtual roulette betting table to place your chip in the appropriate bet section.

Before the bets count you have to confirm them, a window pops up at the bottom of the screen showing you all your chosen bets and values, this way you can review your choices and make certain everything is correct. All of this has to be done within the time limit which is always shown on the screen as it counts down to zero when the ball is spun. When the countdown finishes a message announcing ‘Table Closed’ pops up to inform you the wheel is about to be spun.

The croupier then sets the roulette wheel in motion, picks up the roulette ball and launches it into the wheel so it spins around in the opposite direction. At this point the live roulette presenter takes a step back while the television camera zooms in to focus on the ball and wheel as they both spin around in different directions.

Eventually as gravity takes over the ball loses momentum and drops into the wheel, it usually bounces about a bit before finally settling down into a slotted number. This is the exciting part while everyone waits to see if they have picked a winning number.

The winning number is displayed on the screen as the presenter announces it; the names of winners are also show scrolling by on the screen for everyone to see. Winners are paid out automatically and the timer starts again and a new round of roulette betting starts again, learning how to play the online version of any version of roulette tv is equally as fun as it is exciting, plus it provides non stop entertainment.

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