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Roulette TV Channels

Roulette TV channelsIn the present time hardly people get the leisure time to go to an actual casino and have a fun time and it is because of this that the online casino games have attracted so many people. It is the live casino roulette TV channels which are able to bring to the people the best of the online casinos as well as the traditional casinos.

In many European countries and in the United Kingdom there are special roulette TV channels dedicated to airing live roulette on the television. The live games are usually aired late at night and goes on till early morning. Not only can you simply watch the games but also take part in them. The games are real, involving actual dealers who conduct the games, and are transmitted live to the players.

Roulette TV Channels

With multiple channels and different ways to play you can pick from watching on television and using a computer or mobile phone to make the bets. Here is a list of the Sky channels with roulette games on.

Sky Channel 866
4 am to 6 pm – Roulette Express Premium
6 pm to 5 am – Live Roulette

Channel 5
12 am to 4am – Live Roulette
Real games of live roulette on channel 5 and also airing on sky 866
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Sky Channel 190 & ITV
10 pm to 3am – Roulette Nation
Challange Jackpot 247 show roulette on itv and also on sky channel number 190
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Sky Channel 863
9am to 6am – Smart live roulette
Roulette games round the clock on sky plus auto roulette 24/7

The live games can be played either through the internet or the telephone. If you are using the computer, make sure you have a fast internet connection and if you are using the telephone, be sure to keep it nearby and see to it you have the correct numbers. The live casino games can go on for a while, so make yourself comfortable and prepare yourself for a great viewing experience.

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