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The Bets and Betting Odds

All European live roulette wheels contain alternating red and black numbers from 1 through 36 together with a green slot for the number 0. Roulette betting odds remain consistent and the odds are fixed.

What are the betting odds you can place at a table? It is helpful to know them and what the odds of winning are before you take your chances with the wheel. The betting odds are easy to learn and help is also on the website, but for the inexperienced player you can read all the information you need below.

In a real life casino you would be faced with felt-covered board next to the wheel, the casino has a dealer to manage players betting chips. this is simulated online as you can see opposite.  The numbers are listed in order rows and in three columns.  The first row contains a square for each number 1, 2, and 3.  The second row contains the number 4, 5, and 6. The third row contains the numbers 7, 8, and 9. It continues thus through all thirty-six numbers. The board also contains an area dedicated to 0,found at the end of the board. This game board is where the players place their chips after selecting which chip to bet.

The 0 bet: Really this is just a straight up bet in which you choose

The Column zero. Your odds of winning are 1:36. If you win, the payout is 35:1.

The Straight Up bet: You choose the exact winning number. Your odds of winning are 1:36. If you do win, the payout is 35:1.

The Split bet: This bet is used when you think the ball is going to land on one particular number or on its adjacent number. The chip is placed between the two numbers. The odds of winning are 1:18 and the winning payout is 17:1.

The Street bet: The street bet consists of betting that the ball will land in one of the spots on a row. For example, the 1, 2, or 3. The betting odds of winning the street bet are 1:11.667 and they payout is the same as it is with the trio bet – 11:1.

The Corner Bet: Corner bets make up a block square, this is four numbers. You bet on any four numbers to make a corner bet by putting your chip where the lines cross in the middle of the four. Corner bets pay at 8:1

The Row Bet. Place your chip at the end of a row of three numbers to make a row bet.

Bet: The long rows of numbers on a roulette table are called the columns, a column covers 12 different numbers and also like a dozen bet pays at 2:1

A Dozen Bet: If you pick 12 numbers to bet on then this is a dozen bet, paying at 2:1 there are 3 bets of this type, numbers 1-12, 13-24 or finally 25-36

Even 1:1 Bets – Even bets are always split at 1:1 these include betting on red or black, high or low or an odd or even number as a result.

You may have noticed that the betting odds and payout is very close to the odds of winning, which is probably one of the reasons why this game is so enjoyable to folks who love numbers and live roulette. The betting odds remain the same on this fixed odds game in casinos for a European wheel as they are for American wheels but in comparison to the American wheel the Euro wins the hearts of roulette players with its French origins.