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Roulette History

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Just about everyone has heard of the game of roulette, and some are quite adept at playing the spinning wheel game, but have you ever wondered how roulette came to be a staple in the casino?  

Although there is some evidence that the Romans played a type of spinning wheel game with wagers placed on when it would stop, most historians agree that what we now know as live roulette probably began in France.  There are references to the game in books dating back to the mid-1700s. 

In the 1800s, roulette began becoming a popular pastime all over the United Stated and Europe.  The California Gold Rush made the game even more popular and famous.  Soon, though, around the middle of the 1800s, gambling began being outlawed in Europe, and soon Monte Carlo was about the only gaming city left.  Catering to the wealthy, elite, and noble classes, Monte Carlo became the epitome of gambling, and the roulette wheel became known as the “King of Casino Games.” 

In the United States, live roulette made its way from the predominantly-French cities such as New Orleans on up the Mississippi River via river travelers, probably as an interesting and exciting way to pass the time. However, it did become quite common to find people being less than honest and for a while roulette sometimes got a bad reputation. Nevertheless, the game spread, first up the “Mighty Mississippi” and then westward out into the new frontier of the United States. The betting guidelines on the flat board that accompanies the wheel became simpler and the wheel itself was generally moved from below the table to on top of it, probably in response to claims of unfairness. 

Throughout the rugged United States, the game grew in popularity and sort of resembled the ruggedness of its players. It was played in saloons and gambling houses and accompanied by rowdiness and hearty good times. At about the same time in Monte Carlo, the game was also popular, but was less rowdy and more genteel. It was more a game for gentlemen and for leisurely whiling away the hours. 

With the advent of all sorts of casinos opening up all over the United States – where once there was only Vegas – the game of live roulette is now everywhere; just about any casino has a roulette wheel, and although it may not be the biggest income-generator for gaming houses, roulette has the following of loyal gamblers and offers excitement to novices as well. 

The game has also seen tremendous growth in Europe as new live casinos and gambling establishments are opening up all the time, gambling has also taken over a large place in sports advertising as cigarette advertisers are getting pushed out. Today you play anytime you want either online, at a real casino and even on television.