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Real Live Roulette on TV

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Television shows like Quiz games are a popular program format because in a way the home viewer is able to interact by answering the shows questions. Thanks to shows like Supercasino TV the interaction level has stepped up a gear with real live roulette on TV.

Advantages To Playing Roulette on TV
Due to its nature the real live roulette on TV game has many advantages over actually playing the game under real casino conditions. For example you would rarely be alone in a proper casino as many other gamblers would be wandering round and join in at any moment, this could be distracting. On the other side of the coin while playing at home with shows like supercasino you can choose who you are with. Your home surroundings are sure to be more comfortable, you can even have a smoke and put your feet up if you choose to do so.

Officially Qualified Croupier’s
If you were at the roulette table in a proper casino there would be a person called the croupier to spin the ball around the wheel. Real live roulette on TV programs also has a croupier as shown in the picture opposite at the smartlivecasino site, for this job and they have to be legally qualified to do so. While taking on the job of a croupier they also act as television presenters and keep the viewers informed of events and various bet options. Between the spinning of the wheel there is usually around about 2 or 3 minutes to place your bets on the table.

Bet for Real Money

Providing you live in the UK you can actually make real roulette bets from as little as £1 with real live roulette on TV. Roulette has both big and small bets and with odds up to 35/1 you could get lucky any real bets create real winnings and any cash you win gets put straight back into your account. Playing for fun is also allowed at all of the sites reviewed here, with a pretend money account you can practice as much as you want. It is also completely free to register to get a players account at all of the sites.

Each time after the wheel has been spun and the ball has fallen in to place the result is called then winning cash players get to see their name on the television screen as they scroll by on the winners list. The presenters also like to read out names from the list so you could hear your name on the Television if you win while playing real live roulette on TV. After reading out the names they are free to talk about other subjects, sometimes they talk about the game and other times they talk about current news topics, what ever the chat is about viewers are encouraged to send in comments by email. Some of the conversations they have can be hilarious, so if you are stuck for something to do it can be worthwhile tuning into the show even if you don’t plan on playing, check out the live roulette show times and watch today.

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