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Learning the game of live TV roulette

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Live Roulette TV is a game in which you don’t need any special techniques or strategies to win the game unlike in the other games played in a land-based casino; however, there are certain important points and tips which you can keep in mind which can help you a lot in winning a pot. All you can do is keep on practicing these tips and can enhance your chances to win. First of all you should know what Live TV Roulette is all about and what are the different aspects related to the game. Though this game largely depends on the luck, you can use your own personalized strategies.

There are basically two different types of wheels used in Live TV Roulette. The wheel used in European Roulette has a total of 37 slots, 36 numbers with a zero. On the other hand, the wheel used in American Roulette has a total of 36 numbers, one zero and there is also a double zero, in total there are 38 slots. So the chance of winning in European Roulette is a little bit more than in a conventional American Roulette. So, try and choose European Roulette while playing Live TV Roulette.

Unlike in the land-based casinos, the TV Roulette has a feature which allows you to practice the game without any monitory involvement. You can practice as many times you want to get used to the different situations and feel of the game. When you think that you are comfortable with all the different aspects of the game, you can login to any of the roulette related website and can create your own account. After the registration, you can either play on the website itself or you can play through the television set. You can call on the number flashed on the TV and can place your bets over the phone.

In Live Roulette TV, you can actually look at the history of your game. You can see how much money you won, amount you lost and the bets that you have placed. This will help you to find out your strong and weak points and you can also find a special pattern for yourself for placing the bets. With this, you will be able to place better bets. Some of the players also think that it’s better to place bets on the even numbers since the even numbers are more than the odd numbers on the wheel. So you can also try and place the bets on the even numbers and see if this technique works for you or not.